About Herzenshand

The essence of Herzenshand

Welcome! Herzenshand aptly describes what defines me and my work. I dedicate my being and work to the universal healing power of love.

As a systemic coach and healing practitioner for psychotherapy, I accompany individuals, couples, families, managers, teams and organizations from business and the non-profit sector on their individual development path and support them in expressing their true self and their essence powerfully.

How I work is who I am: genuine, caring and diverse. Uniting opposites and contradictions characterizes my life and my personality. I was born in Tournai (Belgium) in 1978, my origins are in Burundi in East Africa. After graduating from high school and studying to become a translator/interpreter in Brussels, I worked for many years in various international companies. I have lived in Germany since 1988, I am married to a German and have two children. My diverse self-experience as a wife, mother, daughter-in-law, aunt, friend, student, alternative practitioner for psychotherapy, coach, consultant, moderator, speaker and translator between the worlds is the formative foundation of my work.

I offer coaching, psychotherapy and counselling in English, German and French. In both coaching and psychotherapy, my approach is purpose-driven, value-oriented and holistic. I offer an appreciative outside perspective and a safe framework in which we can meet each other on equal terms and mutual respect. I am always amazed at the energy that is released when the inner potential unfolds.

My coaching and support services cover the following subject areas:

I am happy to work with you to find out how you…

  • align company goals with your needs and values
  • find a leadership style that suits your personality
  • set an example of performance and pursue your career without burning out
  • maintain your inner compass in stormy times
  • carry difficult conversations with confidence and empathy
  • translate your company’s mission statement into a living culture
  • invest profitably in the development of your employees

I am here for you…

  • in crisis and upheaval situations
  • if you are reorienting yourself professionally
  • when you take on new roles in your professional and private life
  • in the transition from couple to family
  • from pregnancy to birth and the period afterwards
  • in the event of separation and divorce
  • in the event of strokes of fate and experiences of loss
  • in death and grief

I invite you to…

  • root yourself in yourself and find support within yourself
  • find a way out of the stressful rat race of functioning
  • explore your own truth and potential
  • lovingly honor your strengths and weaknesses
  • reconcile your origins with your present
  • harmonize life with different cultures
  • experience balance and harmony in the priorities of your life

As an experienced keynote speaker and moderator, I design tailor-made keynote speeches, workshops and seminars. Would you like to find out how you can benefit from working with me? Call me or send me an email. In a non-binding initial consultation, we will find out what your next step could look like.

I look forward to meeting you!

Kindly yours,
Flavie Singirankabo


Find out more about:

  • Since 2016  Owner of Herzenshand and freelance coach, consultant, moderator, speaker, healing practitioner for psychotherapy
  • 2002-2016 Work experience in personnel and organizational development, management consulting, project management and communication for various sectors (McKinsey & Company, Inc., Nike, Robert Bosch GmbH, TRUMPF SE + Co. KG )
  • 1997-2001 Translation and interpreting studies in Brussels and Edinburgh (business economics and intercultural communication, French, English, German)
  • 2021-2022 Certificate training as META Health Practitioner
  • 2017 Official exam to become a healing practitioner for psychotherapy (08.02.17, public health department Heilbronn)
  • 2012-2016 Psychological-therapeutical training with the holistic doctor Katrin Mikolitch in Düsseldorf (Energetic body psychotherapy, intuition training, elements of systemic and client-centered conversation psychotherapy, ritual and healing work, relaxation techniques)
  • 2011 Systemischen Business & Life Coach training at Kröber Kommunikation in Stuttgart (Systemic life coaching, systemic business coaching, systemic counselling & therapy, solution-focused short-term therapy, neuro-linguistic programming, transactional analysis)
  • 2008-2009 SYNCHRO Specialist training (IHK Stuttgart) (Lean management, process and structure optimization, project management, change management, workshop moderation)

“Beyond external characteristics such as gender, origin or income, I offer a safe and sacred space in which people can experience themselves holistically. Everything is welcome as it is and wants to show itself.”